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Dating Tips For Men Seeking Taiwanese Women: What You Need to Know

๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป Taiwanese Women Population 11,8m
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๐Ÿ’ Average Age of Marriage 30 Y/O
๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿป Average Fertility Rate 1,2

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Taiwanese women are some of the most desirable partners in Asia. They have a unique combination of traditional values and modern outlooks that make them attractive to men all over the world.

In this article, I will provide an ultimate guide on how to date a Taiwanese girl and give you tips on what to expect from such a relationship. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

What Are Taiwanese Women Like?

Typical Look

Taiwanese women are known for their beautiful and exotic looks. They often have soft, clear skin with a bright complexion that is the result of their excellent diet and lifestyle habits. Taiwanese women also tend to be petite in stature.

Their frames can range from slender to curvy, depending on the individual womanโ€™s genetics or dietary habits. However, they typically maintain an overall feminine figure regardless of body type.

When it comes to facial features, Taiwanese women generally have large almond-shaped eyes which are often framed with long eyelashes. Their noses tend to be small and thin while their lips are slightly fuller than average. Most Taiwanese women prefer short hairstyles, as they feel this complements their delicate features better than longer ones do.

In terms of fashion style, Taiwanese women typically go for classic yet modern pieces that allow them to show off both femininity and sophistication at the same time.

Think light pastels paired with vibrant colors like bright pink or yellow. Clean lines mixed with interesting details such as ruffles or lace.

Tailored silhouettes accessorized with bold statement jewelry items, these all reflect typical Taiwanese womenswear trends today.

Many younger ladies enjoy wearing streetwear pieces too so youโ€™ll see plenty of cute sneakers around town too.

Personality Traits

Taiwanese women are known for their strong personalities and unique traits. They have:

  • deep appreciation for life;
  • a resilience to face challenges;
  • an eagerness to help others.

Taiwanese women are also independent yet strong-willed individuals who know how to stand up for themselves when needed.

A typical Taiwanese woman is passionate and driven in her pursuits. She takes pride in her accomplishments but is humble enough not to flaunt them. She will put in the extra effort required if it means that she can achieve success or make someone else happy.

Her carefree spirit makes her easygoing and open-minded. This helps foster relationships with those around her.

Taiwanese women value family above all else. They take joy in spending time with loved ones while honoring traditional customs from generation to generation. This respect for tradition has led many women in Taiwan to be very well-versed in cultural topics.

3 Most Common Stereotypes of Taiwanese Women

They Are Submissive

This is a common stereotype that has been perpetuated by the media, but itโ€™s simply not true. Many Taiwanese women are strong-willed and independent.

They are driven and determined to succeed in their chosen career paths, often making great strides in industries traditionally dominated by men. While some traditional gender roles still exist in Taiwan, this does not mean that all women conform to them.

They Donโ€™t Speak English Well

Taiwanese people have always valued education highly, so most of the population speaks English fluently or at least at an intermediate level.

Even if someone doesnโ€™t speak perfect English due to a language barrier or lack of exposure to the language growing up, they may comprehend more than they can articulate.

They Are Not Interested in Dating Foreign Men

Although some traditional values still play into relationships between men and women here in Taiwan, more young people are embracing foreign cultures which means they are more open-minded when it comes to dating outside their own culture or nationality.

Thanks to easy access to online dating platforms, there is now an easier way for foreign men to connect with local girls too.

5 Qualities That Make Taiwanese Women Good Wives

  • Beautiful and Well-Groomed. Taiwanese women tend to have naturally beautiful features with smooth skin that they keep well-groomed and soft. Dressing up is a way of life for these ladies and you can expect them to look stylish no matter where they go.
  • Family-Oriented. Taiwanese women believe strongly in upholding traditional values like respect, loyalty, and communication which allows families to stay close even through difficult times.
  • Intelligent Conversationalists. Taiwanese women often come across as shy at first but theyโ€™re very intelligent conversationalists who enjoy discussing various topics such as politics or philosophy. With their sharp minds and witty replies, these ladies make excellent wives.
  • Caring. Taiwanese women strive to nurture relationships by being attentive and understanding of the needs of their partners. Whether itโ€™s cooking a romantic dinner or giving thoughtful gifts, you can always count on them for emotional support when needed.
  • Loyal. Even if times get tough, Taiwanese women will stay by your side through thick and thin. This makes them great lifelong companions who you know you can trust with your heart.

The Best Destinations to Meet Taiwanese Girls in Taiwan


Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and one of the best places to meet Taiwanese girls. Itโ€™s a vibrant city full of energy, culture, and multiple opportunities to meet new people.

You can head down to Ximending for some shopping. Or relax in one of Taipeiโ€™s many parks like Daโ€™an Forest Park or Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. There are also plenty of bars and clubs around town where you can mingle with locals and get to know Taiwanese girls in an informal setting.

Donโ€™t forget about night markets either. Theyโ€™re great spots for people-watching and local street food sampling as well as socializing with friendly locals who just want someone to chat with while they shop for souvenirs.


Located in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung is known as โ€œThe Harbor Cityโ€ due to its location on the shores of the Formosa Strait.

The city has been growing rapidly over recent years attracting more young people from all over Taiwan. This makes it a great place to meet new friends including Taiwanese women looking for love or friendship here.

Head down by Love River during sunset hours when couples come out on their dates. Visit Taroko Park at night. There, students gather after classes let out.


Taichung is another popular destination among visitors visiting Taiwan which means there will be no shortage of attractive Taiwanese ladies walking around town that might catch your eye. 

From cozy cafes located near bustling university campuses, such as the National Taichung University (NTCU) campus filled with female students studying late into the afternoon. To lively bars & nightclubs located inside Feng Jia Night Market buzzing until early morning. This city provides endless opportunities if youโ€™re interested in meeting beautiful Taiwanese women here.

Where to Meet Taiwanese Women Online?

Finding love online is becoming more and more popular as itโ€™s an easy, convenient way to meet potential partners. There are many dating sites available that cater specifically to connecting singles.

With these specialized websites, you can narrow down your search and find someone who matches what youโ€™re looking for. Online dating also offers an array of options from traditional matching algorithms to video chat, so thereโ€™s something out there for everyone.

Donโ€™t be shy, take a chance on love and join the millions of people around the world who have found happiness by meeting their future partner online.

How to Date a Taiwanese Woman?

My article is your ultimate guide to understanding and having a successful relationship with someone from Taiwan. From cultural differences to the best ways to impress her, Iโ€™ll cover it all! Get ready for an amazing journey into the world of Taiwanese women!

Dos and Dontโ€™s of Dating a Taiwanese Woman


  • Demonstrate patience;
  • Show genuine interest;
  • Share experiences;
  • Observe etiquette.


  • Joking about age;
  • Being late;
  • Touching inappropriately;
  • Ignoring cultural cues.

4 Dating Etiquettes or Gestures Appreciated in Taiwan

Greet With Respect

Taiwanese people are very respectful so itโ€™s important to be polite when greeting someone youโ€™re interested in dating. This could include bowing, nodding your head, or saying a simple โ€œhelloโ€.

Dress Smartly

Dressing smartly is also an important gesture when dating in Taiwan. Wearing nice clothes that are clean and ironed will make a good impression on your date and show them that you take pride in your appearance.

Respect Your Dateโ€™s Time

In Taiwan, it is important to respect your dateโ€™s time. Make sure you are punctual and show up for the date on time. If you need to reschedule or cancel the appointment, be courteous and give sufficient notice in advance. This will help create a positive impression of yourself.

Be Polite and Respectful

Being polite and respectful is essential when dating someone in Taiwan. Showing appreciation for their culture, traditions, beliefs, opinions, etc., demonstrates an understanding of your partnerโ€™s values and can go a long way toward making them feel comfortable with you.

3 Possible Challenges When Dating Taiwanese Women

  • Age Difference. In Taiwan, many men are older than their partners and some women prefer to date someone more experienced in life.

If youโ€™re significantly younger or older than your partner, both of you need to be honest about each otherโ€™s expectations when it comes to an age gap.

Communication is key here as there can sometimes be cultural differences between generations that need to be discussed early on in the relationship.

  • Family Pressure. Taiwanese culture places great importance on family and many young people still live with their parents until marriage.

This means that if youโ€™re dating a Taiwanese woman, her family will likely play an important role in your relationship at certain points.

Her parents might have different ideas about what they want for their daughter and they could put pressure upon her when it comes to decisions she makes about dating someone outside of the culture or religion she grew up with.

  • Traditional Values. Itโ€™s common for families in Taiwan to expect couples who are serious enough about each other that they consider marriage should meet certain standards.

For example, having similar religious backgrounds or social status levels before taking things further.

Understanding these kinds of expectations upfront can make navigating any differences easier later on down the line too.

4 Things to Avoid When Dating a Taiwanese Girl

Rushing the Relationship

Taiwanese girls like to take their time with relationships, so itโ€™s important not to rush things. Donโ€™t pressure her into committing or making any decisions before she is ready. If sheโ€™s not interested in taking things further, respect her decision and give her space.

Disrespecting Her Family

In Taiwan, family plays a huge role in many aspects of life. Be respectful when discussing her parents or other relatives and never insult them in any way. She will expect you to show courtesy and make an effort to get along with them if you meet them.

Discussing Politics

When dating a Taiwanese girl, itโ€™s important not to bring up controversial topics such as politics or religion unless she initiates the conversation first.

These issues can be sensitive for some people from Taiwan due to past events that still hold significance today, so avoid talking about them altogether if possible.

Trying Too Hard To Impress Her

While itโ€™s nice to show your affection by doing nice things for your date, donโ€™t go overboard trying too hard to impress her with expensive gifts or lavish dinners out on the town.

Taiwanese girls appreciate sincerity more than grand gestures and will likely be turned off by someone who comes across as overly materialistic or flashy with their affections.

Should I Expect a Language Barrier With a Taiwanese Woman?

Taiwanese women are generally fluent in English, and itโ€™s likely you wonโ€™t have a problem communicating with her. However, there may be some cultural nuances that can cause misunderstandings or confusion due to the language barrier.

Itโ€™s important to take your time and get to know one another on a deeper level if you want to ensure clear communication and understanding between both of you.

Additionally, learning some basic Mandarin phrases will help break down any potential language barriers as well as show her that you respect her culture and appreciate the effort she puts into speaking English with you.

Key Phrases and Expressions in The Taiwanese Language

  • Nihao โ€“ Hello!
  • Nimen hao ma? โ€“ How are you all?
  • Nรญn hวŽo โ€“ Good day/Good afternoon
  • Zร i jiร n โ€“ Goodbye
  • Yว’u kรฒng ma? โ€“ Are you free?
  • Xiexie โ€“ Thank You!
  • Mรฉi guฤnxi โ€“ Itโ€™s OK / It doesnโ€™t matter
  • Wว’ ร i nว โ€“ I love you
  • Tร ibร ng le! โ€“ Great! Awesome!
  • Shรฉnme? โ€“ What? / Excuse me!?
  • Wo hen hao. โ€“ Iโ€™m doing great.
  • Zaijian โ€“ Goodbye!
  • Jiayou! โ€“ Go for it!!

What Hobbies Are Popular Among Taiwanese Girls?


Taiwanese girls love playing mahjong. It is a traditional Chinese game made up of tiles, which can be used for both fun and gambling. They often gather with their friends to play this game, making it an enjoyable pastime for Taiwanese women.


Karaoke is hugely popular among Taiwanese girls. Itโ€™s a great way to have fun with friends and family while singing your favorite tunes at the same time! Many karaoke bars offer special discounts for groups of ladies looking to sing their hearts out together.

Bubble Tea Tasting

Bubble tea has become increasingly popular in Taiwan over the last few years, and many young women enjoy spending time tasting different types of flavors together.

Bubble tea shops are plentiful throughout the country. They offer unique tastes that provide an exciting experience each time they go out to sample bubble tea drinks.

Board Games

Board games are also very popular among Taiwanese girls due to their social aspect. They can get together with friends or family members and spend hours laughing and enjoying each otherโ€™s company while playing classic board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble.

These types of activities help build relationships between individuals who may otherwise remain strangers.

How to Tell if a Taiwanese Woman Likes You?

  • She Asks You Out. If a Taiwanese woman is interested in you, sheโ€™ll take the initiative and ask you out for coffee or dinner. This is an obvious sign of her interest so make sure that you donโ€™t miss it.
  • She Laughs at Your Jokes. Taiwanese girls tend to be very friendly and open-minded so if your jokes are making her laugh, then thereโ€™s a good chance that she likes you. Pay attention to how often she laughs when talking with you compared to other people.
  • She Remembers Little Details About You. Another telltale sign that a Taiwanese woman may like you is if she remembers little details about you, such as what type of food or music genres you like. It means that she pays close attention when talking with you and wants to get to know more about who you are as a person.
  • Her Body Language Gives Away Interested Cues. If a Taiwanese lady maintains eye contact with you while speaking, lightly touches your arm during conversation, or leans towards you while talking then these could all be signs of romantic interest from her side.

3 Tips on How To Impress Her Parents

Be Respectful and Polite

Be sure to show respect for their culture, customs, and traditions by making an effort not to offend them. Speak politely when addressing them and maintain a respectful attitude throughout the evening.

Bring a Gift

Bring a small gift as a token of appreciation for being invited into their home. It doesnโ€™t have to be extravagant. Something simple such as flowers or chocolates can go a long way in showing your gratitude.

Demonstrate Good Table Manners

Showing good table manners during dinner with your girlfriendโ€™s parents can help leave an excellent impression on them. Make sure to avoid talking with food in your mouth, eating too quickly or noisily, using chopsticks incorrectly, etc.


What Is The Role of Taiwanese Women in Taiwanese Society?

Taiwanese women contribute to the economy as entrepreneurs, professionals, and workers in various industries. As mothers, they provide their children with stability and emotional support while also teaching them important values such as respect for others and hard work

On the cultural front, Taiwanese women play an integral role in preserving Taiwanโ€™s unique culture through art forms like dance or music.

They take up leadership roles within their communities and serve to empower other members of society with their courage and wisdom.

Are Taiwanese Women Religious?

The majority of Taiwanese people practice Buddhism or Taoism as their primary religion. As such, many Taiwanese women have strong spiritual beliefs that influence how they live and interact with others.

However, due to Taiwanโ€™s secular government system, religion is not a major factor in day-to-day life for most citizens. It instead serves more as an important part of cultural identity. 

Additionally, there are sizable numbers of Christians from various denominations living in Taiwan who also practice different versions of the faith.

What Is The Average Fertility Rate in Taiwan?

The average fertility rate in Taiwan is 1.2 births per woman. This is quite low. This can be attributed to several factors, such as:

  • the countryโ€™s active pursuit of family planning policies;
  • economic strains on families due to rising living costs;
  • changing social attitudes toward marriage and childbearing;
  • increasing numbers of women entering higher education programs or joining the workforce.

As a result, fewer couples are having children than in previous generations.

How Educated Are Taiwanese Girls?

Taiwan is home to one of the highest percentages of female university graduates in the world. Taiwanese girls also tend to have a strong work ethic and value education highly, with many going on to pursue higher degrees after completing their undergraduate studies.

The literacy rate among women is also very high compared to other countries in Asia and around the world. As such, it can be concluded that Taiwanese girls are well-educated and ambitious individuals who strive for success both academically and professionally.

Are Taiwanese Women Good at Cooking?

Traditional Taiwanese cuisine is incredibly flavorful and healthy, with a wide variety of dishes that range from sweet to savory.

From hot pot and bubble tea to noodle soup and stinky tofu, Taiwanese women can cook an array of delicious dishes that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Are Taiwanese Women Good Lovers?

Taiwanese women excel in the bedroom when it comes to pleasing their partners and taking time to understand what they want and need. They bring a unique combination of confidence and vulnerability that can be highly appealing in the bedroom.

Their ability to tease, tantalize, and make sure their partner is satisfied will leave you wanting more. With a strong connection between mind, body, and spirit, Taiwanese women know how to please all three aspects of intimacy.

Are Taiwanese Women Open to Dating Foreigners?

In recent years, international relationships have become more accepted in Taiwan and many people are eager to explore different cultures through romantic relationships.

Taiwanese girls value intelligence, humor, and respect for traditional values which makes them a great catch for any foreigner looking for an exciting and rewarding relationship.

With the help of modern technology like social media platforms, apps, and websites itโ€™s easier than ever to meet someone from another culture without leaving your home country.

What Kind Of Men Do Taiwanese Women Like?

Taiwanese women appreciate men who are respectful and family-oriented. They value traditional qualities such as loyalty, honesty, and a strong work ethic. Taiwanese culture places great importance on filial piety. So they admire men who prioritize their families and show deep respect towards their parents.

Additionally, Taiwanese beauties tend to be attracted to ambitious individuals who have clear goals in life. Education is highly regarded in Taiwan. Therefore educated men with intellectual curiosity often catch the attention of Taiwanese women.

What Kind of Activities Would Be Appreciated by a Taiwanese Woman on A Date?

When dating a Taiwanese woman, she would value activities that demonstrate consideration and dedication. For example, cooking her favorite meal or taking her to a special place. She will also be touched by thoughtful gestures like buying her flowers or writing her a heartfelt card.

If you want to make an impression, surprise her with tickets for a play, concert, or other cultural event she might enjoy. Above all else, respect is key. Let her know that you care about what she has to say and take the time to get to know her better.

What Do Taiwanese Women Generally Look For in a Partner?

Taiwanese women value someoneโ€™s ability to communicate openly and honestly as well as empathy towards others. Taiwanese women often prefer a partner who is ambitious and career-minded but also appreciates the importance of family life.

A sense of humor is also important. They enjoy someone with whom they can share a laugh or two. Also, Taiwanese girls seek out men who exhibit respect in their interactions by understanding that everyone has different values and beliefs.

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